• miguelers0227 6w

    My son

    You’ve been the blessing I been waiting for my whole life

    You’re the reason for coming home each night

    To be able to hold you in my arms and wrap you in a blanket tight

    To rock you to sleep and rest

    There is no other greater feeling. It’s the best.

    I’m blessed and thankful to your mom for bringing you into our lives

    You make us feel something more than being alive

    It’s unconditional love and it’s an incredible feeling

    You can cure us of anything because your love is our healing

    We will do all we can to protect you and keep you away from harm

    We will raise you to be sweet, loving, and have charm

    We call you our little champ because we know you will conquer anything that will come your way

    You will fight and make it each and every single day

    We will teach you all we know so you can be anything you want to be

    We are your mother and father. Your mom and dad

    We will always do our best to cheer you up when you are sad

    Teach you what we’ve been taught and what we have learned

    Teach you on what you has to be earned

    We love you Leo.