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    Happy Onam (even though you may not really know what it stands for)

    A little back story here:
    Onam is basically a harvest festival celebrated by malayalis aka Keraleans. The myths say that it's the annual celebration of the homecoming of the demon king Mahabali.
    This happened eons back. Mahabali was, despite his sinister roots, a very just and able ruler. He was so good at being a king that his praises were heard very high above and far below. Especially the heavens. Under his leadership the land called Kerala grew to be a fair and impartial kingdom for its subjects and it's greatness made its kingdom extent to the nether realm as well as the land of gods.
    This made Indra the king of gods bitter with envy. So he begged Adithi the mother of all gods to beseech the Holy Trinity for help. Nope not that Trinity. This one consists of the creator, the caretaker and the destroyer. Since the creator and caretaker couldn't help in this issue since its beyond their job descriptions, Vishnu, the caretaker of the Universe decides to take action against this charming demon king.
    So he took up an avatar, literally, of a scholarly dwarf named Vaman and approached the demon king begging for alms. The demon king felt pitiful about the dwarf's condition and grants him a wish. Shukracharya who was the king's minister cum priest of sorts warns him not to since he realises that the dwarf is far more than just an ordinary human. But Mahabali won't go back on his promise and thus asks Vaman, what he desires. Vaman asks for a simple gift, the land he could measure in just three paces.
    Mahabali grants him the wish as promised. Vishnu then grows to his full stature, the size of the world, and places his first step on the nether realm. The second step on the heavens. That's when Mahabali realized the trap. The other two worlds were made of ether and were thus indestructible but the third step will be on earth which is fragile compared to the other two and also contains all his mortal subjects.
    So Mahabali begs to the lord to not destroy earth and instead to take the third step on his own head and acquire his kingdom. Vaman aka Vishnu happily agrees to the new deal and thus plants his foot on the demon king's head. The impact of the colossal third step sent the demon king right down to the nether worlds. But right before doing so gives him a boon(of sorts). He is allowed to come and visit his kingdom every year for a day and that is celebrated as Onam.
    Onam for us malayalis is beyond just mythology. Irrespective of religion or politics it brings us all together and reminds us of the importance of unity. It brings out the best in us all. It signifies hope as being the fruit of sacrifice.

    While I am happy, I do hope all those souls who aren't there to join us this Onam, especially the flood victims of August, may rest in eternal peace.

    Jai Hind❤️