• thoughtsprocess 6w

    as light as a feather
    I wonder
    How it could carry
    burden of countless lives
    How it could bear pain
    and sufferings in different ways
    I just can't believe
    that it keeps on travelling
    without taking any break,
    with indelible prints of
    various types of experiences
    and all kinds of emotions
    In each and every life
    it remains a mere spectator
    It never indulges with what
    is going outside
    It does watch everything silently
    Sometimes it warns too
    But it never shouts
    If someone is ready and able
    to listen to its divine voice
    it can guide and save him/ her
    from many difficulties
    Soul is like the Lotus flower
    The Mud of mind or
    the evil things of outer world
    can't touch it
    It always remains
    as pure as ever