• sagamar 6w

    A little extra-ordinary

    I had a good friend. She was your everyday face in the morning crowd. The kind you saw on the subway or a busy street and forgot immediately afterwards. The kind of face that Manga artists drew on the football stadium multiplied several times over to make up the imaginary crowd. I had a very good friend with a rather plain face that struck no chord, startled no memory. No matter how well she did in her studies or on the field, a face destined to forever get lost in the crowds. Not pretty or ugly enough to be noticed. She was kind, nice did everything as was to be expected of everyone else. One day this one particular teacher called upon her to answer a question in front of the whole school. For there had been some sort of a gathering that day with an important guest. This happened by complete chance that all attention was on her. She squirmed in her seat for this was everything she most yearned for and dreaded at the same time. Half the school didn't know her, the other half has certainly seen her, but what was her name again?
    It defenitely seems to evade the mind. Most of us were surprised at how eloquent she was that day. She left a really big impression on me. And since that day I have looked at crowds differently. I pay more attention to the expressions on the men playing sideroles. The people paid to sit on stadiums and cheer. How well they do their job. Doing just enough to keep the focus on the main characters. But surely they have homes to return to and families to sup with. Surely they are the main characters in someone's drama.
    I try to remember that. That good friend has since then turned many a head now and then surprising them with that very extraordinary shine on her otherwise ordinary face.
    Turns out anybody can shine.