• poeticvomit 6w

    Trace every crease of your palm
    Imperfect skin
    Describe the scars that lace your heart translucent skin.
    Naked, dare yourself
    look at your reflection
    through a stranger's eyes,
    see the map of your life, your story.
    They will tell you,
    it's not the right kind of flesh
    And I will tell them
    I have painted constellations in this
    These hands have built empires,
    brought them down
    watched them bleed,
    beg on their knees.
    Callused skin. 
    Would we still be human
    without a few scars to show 
    as proof that we have battled
    and won in this skin?
    We have become so accustomed to
    shaming each others purple hearts,
    we hide them under makeshift thick skin.

    Tattooed, scarred, with tiger marks
    Look at your reflection.
    Skin is skin.