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    The kids left his study and he couldn't stop himself from smiling. His family wasn't normal and he wasn't going to start to care about what others think now. He still remembered when Harvey was in a slumber because of losing his mother. How lonely he was, he saw how his siblings just left him there but he was also grieving and he had work to do. He saw change in Harvey when Ruby came in. The lonely soul found someone who had eyes for him. His son wasn't lonely at all. They were inseparable and it made him ease his mind. He thought Grace would be the one to bring a smile on his son's face but it was Ruby. He was grateful for that and no one will be a better choice for him than her.
    Grace came into the study and closed the door behind her. She walked towards him and sat in one of the chairs.
    'I just saw the kids. They look happy. You did good,' Grace praised him and he smiled at her.
    'I just couldn't do it. They are so much in love, how can i scold them?'
    'I saw that too. To even think that the mighty siblings cried for each other, i don't want to see that ever again,' Grace said emotionally remembering the scene she witnessed that broke her heart.
    'I wouldn't too. Now i have to meet the Wilsons and cancel what we started,' Henry sighed.
    'That is a good idea. You better do it fast before the young girl catches on some feelings towards our boy. I don't want it to be nasty,' Grace said now worried. She just hoped that Janet will not hold onto her anger.
    'Don't worry about it. Just leave it to me.'
    'So what did the kids say?'
    'They want to get married,' Henry told his wife and laughed remembering what happened earlier.
    'I guess we should start preparing for a grand wedding!' Grace said her face lit with happiness.
    'That will be a good idea but not very fast. They still have to finish exams love. Lets take it slow,' Henry implored his wife.
    'Fine, i will do as you suggest. It's late, let's go to bed now. I miss you,' Grace said seductively and he chuckled.
    Henry stood up and walked towards his seductive wife. He knew exactly what she wanted and he was going to give it to her. He embraced her taking in that lovely scent from her body.
    'I am going to keep you awake the whole night love,' he whispered against her ear and she blushed.
    'I don't mind love,' she said in reply and he knew it was game on.

    Janet Wilson sat in the club drinking her third glass of margarita, she was hurt but above all she was heartbroken. She just couldn't just let it sink that the guy she had loved all her life didn't love her but actually dump her before things began for his sister. She was more beautiful and younger than Ruby. She was even more elegant and polished than Ruby and yet he chose Ruby over her. How dare he tell her that she was in love with his sister? How dare he tell her that as if it was normal?
    She still remembered the day her parents told her about the arranged marriage. She was so happy that her dream was bout to be fulfilled but little did she knew that Ruby would squash it. Helen really liked her and she was going to help her out once she arrives.
    'I can tell i came a bit late,' Helen said as she sat down next to her.
    'I just couldn't help it, it's too much,' Janet confessed.
    'So what exactly happened?' Helen asked and Janet could tell that Helen had no clue about it yet so Janet explained exactly what happened to her and she saw the disgusted look on Helen's face upon hearing what she said.
    'I have always suspected that those two were up to no good but never thought they were so daring to be in cahoots together. How dare they tarnish our family's name? I will expose them to dad. Don't worry about this. Harvey is yours,' Helen assured her but she knew that he will never be hers. He had made it clear to her that if he can't be with Ruby he will be with no one else.
    'He loves her Helen. His eyes sparkled when he talked about her. He will never be with me,' she said crying without a sound.
    'Don't shed any tears. He is just confused. They have been stuck together for long. I will seek justice for you, so wait for my call,' Helen said and she felt better.
    Janet could tell that Helen wasn't a fun of Ruby and she will surely find justice for her in whichever way she can.
    'Thank you.'
    'I have to leave now. Take care of yourself and don't get too drunk,' Helen said.
    Helen patted her shoulder before she left the club. Janet ordered another glass again and drowned herself.

    Janet wondered if Helen was going to win. She knew Ruby so well at least. She had anger issues even back then. She was a violent person but was vey protective of Harvey. She had always envied Harvey for having such a sister.
    How she resented her for coming into his life and snatch him away from her. She was going to drink until she forgets about everything and get over her first love.
    Helen had never really liked Ruby from the second she had met her. Her father remarried early and she hated the woman and her child that joined her family. She hated that her dad had replaced her mother that fast and that he never loved her. Ruby became close to her younger brother and she was jealous. She wanted to be the sister Harvey can rely on and yet he became closer to the new addition of the family. Ruby had a lot of flaws but she envied her still. Her dad wanted total perfection from her and yet spoiled Harvey and Ruby a lot. Ruby was a problematic child and yet they let her go each and every time.
    Unlike her, Ruby was a free spirit and did whatever she wanted. She wanted to have at least a fraction of that but it was impossible. Seeing her hurt was her only joy and yet Ruby just kept on befriending her. She hated her for that, she didn't know exactly what was on her mind and it bothered her.
    Helen drove into the family compound and parked her car. She was welcomed by the butler.
    'It's nice to see you again, Ms. Moon,' he said with a smile.
    'It's nice seeing you too Luke. Is my dad around?'
    'No, he went out with madam earlier.'
    'So, is anyone home?'
    'Ms. Ruby is around and studying in her room,' he said.
    'What about Harvey?'
    'He left in the morning.'
    'Okay, i guess i will see Ruby then before i leave.'
    'Should i have the chef make something for you?'
    'No, i won't be staying for long,' she said and went inside.
    Helen took the stairs and stopped right in front of Ruby's room. How could she read when she was causing a lot of commotion like that? Helen knocked slightly at the door and let herself in. She found Ruby buried in textbooks and her laptop right in front of her. She wasn't playing at all, no wonder why she passes like a madman and maintained her position as the student council. Ruby finally noticed her and smiled at her as she always does.
    'If i had known you were coming, i would have welcomed you warmly. Please make yourself comfortable,' she said directing her to the couch that was in her room.
    'I won't be staying for long. I just need to talk to you,' she told her directly and Ruby looked at her with a sad face. They haven't really saw each other alone in a long time after all.
    'Is everything okay?' Ruby asked concerned.
    'I wish it was so i will get straight to the point. I want you to stop seeing Harvey. Your relationship is a disgrace to this family and i will not allow you to mar our name,' Helen told Ruby flatly but she didn't even flinch.