• ink_and_solitude 5w

    The Woman in me

    Women sicken me sometimes
    It's not their fault of course
    They're just little angels
    Living their lives as they should
    In a wonderland of winged liners, curvy hips
    And the freshest tops screaming big brands
    It's me.
    I pity the woman in me
    The woman who like a warrior
    Subdued her insecure tears for me
    That same woman woke me up
    In the early hours of dawn
    Just so discipline doesn't escape me
    I love that woman.
    I wouldn't survive without her
    But I never gave her justice
    I never gave her that plethora of beauty
    That she deserves
    Gosh, she never asked for it
    I was helpless after all
    All she did was feel a little melancholic
    Once in awhile
    When a little angel rubbed their wrists
    To emanate a fragrance too expensive
    Or a pair of shoes quoted in four figures
    Those times I wanted to strangle them
    Keep wrapping their blissful mane
    Around their smooth necks until
    Their almond eyes rolled back
    And their coloured lips fell apart
    Of course, I want to protect her
    But she stops me
    Tells me to live and let live
    Have a sad story but tell no one
    Be resilient and sprint like a dark horse
    Make peace with the world, with myself
    And hope that it all pays off one day
    And I just do nothing but stare in awe
    That having none of that fancy shit
    A naked soul can be so goddamn beautiful