• wordsandkhadija 22w


    I am part of a mob,
    a mob that is sane,
    a mob that feels pain.

    I am part of this mob
    that is going out of their way
    to seek justice for people
    they've never even met,
    people that somehow
    are part of their family today.

    I am part of this mob
    that cannot sleep,
    that weeps
    and that
    which is angry,
    so very angry.

    Today, I am part of this crowd
    that does not kill,
    that demands justice.
    To do a wrong, right,
    with sanity and not fright.

    But as much as I hate to admit,
    today a light flickers in all of us
    with the loss of two innocent beings.

    And so I pray
    that this will be the mob,
    I never leave.