• paradoxroutine 9w

    Wayside of thee guillotine

    Step to step.
    Far too close.
    Soon to be a shuffle.
    Let me sooth your woes...
    The black shroud does admit.
    Seem yourself closer,
    Let me morrow your fate.
    For the crowd, just a guise.
    A pull away from a life...
    Short of form and shallow of meaning.
    Spill my blood lest you spill your own.
    I be innocent, nor one of guilt.
    Yet now I am guilty,
    one soon to be bathed in deepening red.
    My gant to the gallows quickens.
    My fate is mine yet,
    My last choice.
    I choose how fast it shall end.
    I choose the quickest.
    For it shall follow;
    Feet to legs
    Legs to stomach
    Stomach to chest
    Chest to throat
    Throat to head
    Head to my once golden crown
    I led you, down worldly paths.
    My people, I gave you my fayt...
    The moment I took the halo upon my head.
    Mercy is something for those who follow.
    Not for those who lead.