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    Little girl

    A little girl wants to play
    Smiling and happy being with everyone
    Pure as mountain stream water fall drop by drop
    This little girl was happy to be with everyone
    But the narrow thoughts of few people
    Rended bullying emotions of a little girl
    Crushing her soft heart !
    People around kept mimic eye
    How little girl was
    As she has done wrong to be born
    Squeezing self inside unseen face within
    Facing the truth little girl learn to live
    Years pass by,
    Soon little girl was turn to unseen face mystery within !
    Bold, stubborn, strong and hard
    Ignoring people who mimic !
    She has a dream to fly through the fluffy cottony clouds
    To see the sun above the clouds
    Rising with first sunlight fall on earth
    Watching those people from above
    And smile how i am now !