• keep_me_sane 5w


    How does pleasure look like for you? A blissful laughter shared with your friends? A dance you do in your room when no one is watching? Sleeping next to your furry black cat? Buying shoes you've been eyeing and the feeling of finally unboxing them? Exhaustion wearing off after finally adding final touches to that painting you've been working on? You in your graduation gown? Finishing that beautiful book and what you're left with is its beautiful energy all around you? Canoodling? Sucking your partner's lips? Attending an afro jazz event? Dressing up with your friends for a night out? Buying your mom flowers and seeing her face light up? That fierce hug you get from your son when you pick him from school? The palatable taste of semi-cold pizza? Sunsets? Me?

    ~A. W