• _emilysu 5w

    I’m sorry - E

    When I was young,
    I was so bald and full of fun.
    Now it’s just knives and guns,
    Taking the lives of innocent ones.

    When I was two,
    I was only afraid of the flu.
    I never had a clue,
    Of how people were due,
    And how they got on the News.

    When I was nine,
    I heard about cutting lines.
    A silver blade turning to red,
    Tragically leading to death.

    When I learned about trees,
    That produced the oxygen we breathe,
    I saw how we see,
    How we see the world as a toy created by ‘he’.

    So I’m sorry next generation,
    For the trouble of immigration.
    I’m sorry that you’ll never get a chance to see Nature’s creations.
    And that you’ll be blinded by technology’s medication.