• k2chini 6w

    Being a part of Beauty

    I m always scared of vastness,enormity,endlessness that by passes experiencing beauty which I had never seen because you know it looks beautiful beyond imagination but you never know what its capable of and will you be able to appreciate it or handle it. just thinking about the unknown.it looks beautiful in pictures calm serene.In reality you get to see the potentials of this beauty when you become part of it. No doubt the long road passing through a lush green forest at first its peaceful, fulfilling, beautiful but suddenly a feeling creeps in how long will it be this quiet,we came the wrong way;you just wanna be where there is some life. Suddenly you long for the presence of another human being. Suddenly a thing of beauty is not joy anymore. Beauty scares sometimes when you realise it's only you who sees the beauty in something or when you cannot share it. Beauty may force you to witness it but scares you to go deep into it because it also has realities that's unknown. Also most probably you got to explore it alone to feed your curiosity . Untouched quite beaches where you can hear waves coming and making a landfall . It's one beautiful experience to sit and watch it but whole other when you swim in the water and become a part it.It consumes you as you swim,you can't hear anything but subtle roars of waves coming. As you go deep its more quiter, the vastness, the directionlessness will make you wanna swim towards the shores where you have control and people. Though at some depths you find fishes it's beautiful colourful but the silence will get you unless you are with others which then could take you little longer to realise. It's beautiful to witness beauty but when you witness it in real sense being a part of it,it teaches you over time how to be in sync with it,making you stronger. People used to it don't get scared they have seen nature in every form-when its beautiful and also even when the unexpected happens. The more you deal with,get over whatever scares you, makes you learn more about yourself. Its like the more you explore you unlock some part in you and the more parts you unlock you stretch your exploration limits until there's anything that can put limits on your free soul.Somewhere in my heart I know we're also inherently that endless kind of beautiful.