• dusky_dawn 5w

    255 days and i still have this habit
    Of stuffing bad days deep into the
    Ripped jeans(The ones dad gifted me)
    The calculator and the calender welcomes
    Every dawn with me sitting in the lawn &
    Them settled comfortably on the wooden
    Chair peeking here and there
    (Quite moody from 255 days - I guess)

    Where was I??They seem to ignore
    The afternoons just like you unliked them
    For the reason unknown to me -All i knew
    Is afternoon comes with the Never ending
    Frown sessions -Of how many times the
    Evenings ignored your touch with frowns
    Accompanying you through your
    Every step and mocking my Strawberry shake.
    You were used to welcome dusk with
    Boxes full of smiles and kisses.
    "Wierd"It loved your touch
    How weird they love to carry fake emotions
    And have a habit of safeguarding them!!
    The calendar don't like the dates and the
    Calculators ignore the numbers -Wierd
    But just like you
    (They were yours so being ignorant must be
    In their nature i guess)

    Unlike me who take out the dates of bad happenings
    And wrap them tightly in the Beige coloured paper And Stuff them properly in the Pockets of the jeans
    Blue, Black doesn't matter
    -The wardrobe was never been like a partial mother
    They hate when they turn a little puffy -Fatty
    But I have a habit of stuffing them deep
    So that not an ounce of light could reach them
    They must suffer just like i did -
    When the dates, Days,Years mocked me
    But i still can't mock them
    - I am still human i guess.

    13 october tried to come out of the pocket
    When i held its ruffled home and put it back
    In its place -I managed just like i always did
    When the drunkard human turned out
    To be my only lover -I managed him then
    Why not this tiny date that always manages
    To peek out to get the fresh air.
    Of how badly i wanted to throw them
    In some ocean or sometimes I badly
    Wanted to burn them and wish them to turn into
    Ashes & Then to get a sleep -The peacful one.
    26 september requested alot to be on its own
    -Remember i promised you that I will never leave you -That was a Silly vow that i took but i guess i was
    A stupid human i wasted a precious vow on
    A human who wasn't human at first place

    -But a Bad experience that still traumatise me
    And Give me the nightmares that may last for
    The whole life.I stuffed love into you for years
    But you stuffed hatred deeply into my veins.

    - A failed lover or a Love story destined to be failed.

    - & You were gone with the wind


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