• ensoleillement 10w

    It was time to say goodbye
    But neither of us said a word
    I was waiting for you to say those words
    But you didn't, you just started walking away
    And I continued standing there
    With a hope that maybe after few steps
    You would realise you need me and would
    Turn back to embrace me tight
    Or you would feel the pain that I felt and say
    You are sorry for what happened and we didn't belong together
    I was waiting, to just hear something from you
    I carried a guilt that I did something wrong
    And I stood there because I had a hope that you would free me from that guilt
    But You didn't stop to say something, just continued walking
    And that moment i felt a part of me walking with you
    That moment i didn't know what I wanted
    You or that part of me which you were taking away
    May be I wanted you, but you didn't feel the same
    May be I wanted that part of me which was going along you
    But I didn't get it
    May be if you had said something that part of me would have never left along you
    I didn't cry though I felt to but my eyes they didn't feel the need to
    I should have cried I would have started forgetting you from that instant
    But my mind decided to punish my heart
    So every night I see the same place in my dreams
    See you walking away and me standing there helpless