• worth_more_than_you_can_afford 50w


    I pried out my own skin
    wide open
    with needles dipped
    in cheap india ink; I dabbed
    at the black mixed with red
    staining my fingers.
    Do I do this for the pain,
    or to get the poison trickling in
    to my skin, to my veins?
    A symbol, an alphabet.
    Vast meanings that I tried to bestow
    upon them hours later
    really means nothing at all.

    There's the cause and the effect,
    which really goes both ways.
    The pain for the gain
    of the blurred out ink under my skin,
    and the gain for the pain
    of the sharpness prickling

    my ankles, both legs
    bare the stain of alcohol tinged
    The skin beneath my eyelids
    a darkened haze;
    but the tattoo still burns
    needle-sharp against it all.