• speekfreely 5w


    With a heavy heart I grieve.
    I ask God a question only he
    could perceive. Lord why do u
    allow so much pain in death ?
    God told me there is peace in him ,
    when one dies they are free . Lord
    tell me again , what should one do
    to live forever with thee ? God spoke ,
    believe in me with all your heart ,
    repent of your sins so I can dwell
    forever within , u must confess I
    conquered the quest on calvary.
    God went on , I sent my son Jesus
    to die for all sin, so everyone could
    live free , it's a choice if one chooses
    to believe in (me )Christ ....though storms
    come and go he is the eternal peace that
    sets us free,comforts our hearts , gives us peace to pursue, and when we can't pray he gives us the words to say .