• anshikajverma 6w

    I took a 7 days self development challenge conducted by my friend. During this period... I realised that we often end up failing or getting off the track because we act like bob the builder. We think that we can fix it all,even when it's not our part. Some things are meant to be the way time made them. The only things that need our attention and our art of working up is the things that involve us directly. Like we know how other people play the role in making and breaking our dreams and goals and motives, so we need to know how we act in the course. Playing a victim... A someone who's struggling with all the hardships, won't help. You have to know the key action of yours that brings you to a failure or success. So much is sorted in just one insight that way.

    Know your actions.


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    Day 11

    You cannot fix everything.
    Not everything needs to be fixed.
    Just keep up with the stuffs in which
    you are the active character...
    Life is much more sorted that way.