• neel__7 6w

    Kind people are always introverted about their feelings. Even if they have the darkest of storms lurking over their head, they'd readily put on a smile and take on the world. Day after day, nights after nights. They are devoid of love and warmth and when they receive that, they become scared. They say, "Why drag your peaceful life into this shithole?". Maybe what they don't understand is that, you too are in the same shithole, and maybe, just maybe instead of dragging yourselves up, maybe helping eachother would benefit for a change.

    This is where you play your part.

    Even when that person pushes you away, you stay. Stay now, when they don't want you, but they need you and they won't say. You don't leave your loved ones, do you? Especially now?

    No you don't. Because sometimes, seeing someone smile, even when the cost is your heartbreak, you do it.

    Because, kind people are introverted, and you know the rest.