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    “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” – Dalai Lama.

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    The very mysterious mistake we human make is actually in choosing a right person in our life. Though we aren't aware at that particular time but at some point of time we realise how they affected us and our lives. We are kinda definition of imperfection every time but still we say, we are human with large brain and a pumping heart.

    A wrong person always harm in such a terrific way that sometimes our self-esteem start to ponder over their words and behaviour. Sometimes we feel we're not gonna archive all those emotions but very sorry to say sometimes our temper boils in a horrific way finding no state of peace. It's a harsh reality but as we know, we are after all the human with controversial devastating nature.

    This state of restlessness we observe in ourselves many times. We try to regenerate our inner power to rescue ourselves from the unworthy pessimistic space. Our blood circulates in a way that all the negativity might get washed out through the exhalation. Our skin shed its outer shabby colour and we start to wear a pure fibre of optimism inside out.

    Our lives are always critical and run through an unknown path searching for the tranquil state in every walk of life. Whatever life gives us, we should be thankful for we know we are the tiny pieces of this Universe and this blissful Universe carry us along with our inner deep heavy emotions.

    We are the warriors in our own life and we ourselves are our own saviour. We are the superior animals already gifted with extraordinary organs and potentials so we must be a bit tolerant. We should be genuine as well as compassionate. Why to keep a feeling of enmity every time?? I swear to be humane always. Be humane, be trustworthy because that's what means to be a real human.