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    An old rant

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    Another heartbreak

    Everything will be different once you have been through a heartbreak. No matter how strong you are, no matter how much you convince yourself, but nothing will be like how it once used to be. It's not like you won't move on, you will. Everyone does, sooner or later. But everything will stop making sense. Nothing will concern you any more. People with pretty faces will scare you. You will sniff lies, everytime someone greets you with sweet words. Even the very thought of commitment will haunt you. You will push away everyone who offers to confront. You will run away from everyone who offers to love and care. These actions of yours will hurt them, you definitely will hurt them. Not because you want to, but because that is the only way you can prevent yourself from being hurt, again. You will be filled with guilt, but that I feel is better than being filled with false hopes. I cannot emphasise enough on the fact that "Everything will be different".

    They say time will heal, but trust me it won't. Heartbreak will always hurt you. May be two weeks, may be four months or may be some eight years later you might be sitting in a cafe, sipping your coffee.. And just then a simple old perfume, or those old songs or even a single glimpse of that person will be enough to crush you beyond repair, again. Healing from heartbreak is merely a myth.

    But you can at least make sure not to get your heart broken once again. It is in your hands, strengthen your walls, compact your circle. They will call you selfish, they will pile you up with guilt. But do not bend, take a deep breath and tell them "I am too strong for another heartbreak".