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    5. Fight the addiction-I know you wanna live

    The darkness seems like calling out to me
    It doesn't care if it lures me in,
    The moon seems no beauty now,
    No scenery, no painting, no songs
    Make me feel like, "Wow,
    Ain't this perfect".
    I have broken all strings
    from my own self,
    I have loads of rusty photos
    In between those pages, some
    Unread books on my shelf.
    My favourite place has changed
    From the fountain garden
    To my night blanket, Oh
    What a beautiful torture.
    It hurts to cry, it hurts to write
    Endlessly, But I still do it
    Mercilessly. It hurts to
    Slap myself, it hurts to
    Give my palm such deep cuts
    But if I don't take out my
    Frustration out on me,
    i am afraid I will go nuts.
    Now and then, I take those risks
    I stop myself from hurting myself
    I don't sit up in a corner and fold up,
    I choose to get out of my bed,
    And have a walk out there, a little
    More brisk.
    I want to fold up and stop,
    But I know this life isn't a flop.
    I am yet trying, trying harder,
    I kill my instincts everyday,
    Because not every time
    They are being true,
    Not everytime they are gonna rhyme
    To my glorious fate.
    I just don't want to die,
    EVen though sometimes it's
    All i pray for,
    I want to live,
    Even though I have stopped
    Feeling like it.