• keshavi_writes 6w

    Non Depressed Friend

    I wonder if you are still awake,
    I am again on those utmost sleepless nights,
    Those you interpret to be overthinker's time.

    I cannot deny,
    You were there,
    in need.

    Non depressed friend,
    You asked me,
    to calm down,
    To vanish the explosions of thoughts
    at once.
    You said,
    think of bigger elements
    Cause, You are the smallest thing you can be worried about.
    There are people having everything of less than what you acquire.
    Think of how privileged you are?

    Non depressed friend,
    I don't think I can make you understand.
    You wish to heal!
    But, its not the help I seek.

    I am myself the whole universe.
    I revolve around myself.
    I have my own space, galaxies, planets,
    Which are needed to be taken care of.

    my non depressed friend,
    If you could come to my tiny
    But in contrast huge world,
    You will see a havoc being created.
    And tiny needles piercing my chest that needs to be protected.

    I don't need you to heal me,
    Instead a shoulder to lean would be fine.
    Please, Don't try to end my sufferings
    Instead be a part of the silence i bear.
    Don't distract me,
    Instead take me to the people of my community.
    I know, Its Me, who can finally end it.
    And all I am doing is to find a way out of it.

    Non depressed friend,
    I am not asking you to heal me.
    I am just asking you to feel me.