• ankitamayankgupta 5w


    An outsider can see what's inside, you see!
    That love with no bounds, what made it flee?

    He said, his love would be 'out of the world'
    She said 'i love u', to make him her world
    They looked together, i wonder, the best
    Didn't care what would be the test

    Their bond was next to perfection
    Everyone, admired their affection
    She spoke through her eyes
    He listened through his heart
    Strong and together, but never apart

    Their Love blossomed, their life to a roller coaster
    But Sooner, problems were there to foster
    the distance, the conflicts and the blame game
    So and so, it extinguished the flame
    Of love and passion, of faith and care
    Anger between them led to despair

    Their charm to each other had fade
    It became so difficult to persuade
    That it was love that brought them together
    Situations may change, or may not be better
    It has to be there for them to shine
    That spark would make it all fine!

    They held each other, as they were the reason
    To make ends meet and create the season
    Of selfless love and heartful laughter
    For all, i knew, they were the master
    Of that bond and their fate
    Their hearts had no, place to hate

    I wish, if only, they could see
    How perfect they, looked to me

    An outsider can see what's inside, u see!
    That love with no bounds, what made it flee?