• shirleyyy 5w


    Sleep isn't coming to me tonight.
    No matter how hard I try.
    The pictures of your arms around her,
    They're replaying and killing me inside.
    I know it's been years since us,
    Since it was me instead of her.
    But I see the way you look at her now,
    And the way your eyes light up,
    Like she's the brightest star of your universe.
    I kept looking, searching,
    For a trace of me in you.
    When I could find none,
    I convinced myself it couldn't be true.
    For I knew my eyes held all of your stories,
    Stories you wouldn't know about yourself.
    The way your eyes formed beautiful crescents when you smiled,
    Running your fingers through your already tousled hair when your thoughts ran wild,
    The sound of your contagious laughter resonating every time,
    The way you always felt more than you liked,
    Making me feel every beat of my heart.
    I knew it was evident,
    You put galaxies in my eyes,
    And I had no reason to hide them,
    Because no one could make me feel otherwise.
    I had so much love to give,
    I wanted to fill your heart upto it's brim for you.
    I didn't know if you were here to stay,
    But even then I knew I'd wait for you.
    It's been years,
    I thought I had moved on;
    But all it took was one look,
    And I knew I had been standing still at the same spot.
    Just waiting,
    For you.