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    This one has been brainstormed alot. Hope you readers like this piece. Drop in a comment and let us know.

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    What If I Was A Tree

    Spinning around in the rays of the sun when they turburlently fall over me.
    Rooted to the bonds of the ground, referred to as mighty;
    I have seen what is not told between the words,
    I have been planted following a group of methods.

    Sheltering the human mankind for decades, I have been plucked from my ends,
    A group of ammigos follow the world by its trends,
    Sowed from the map of mountains to the waves of the valleys,
    I become the soul of all the sailing journeys.

    My shadows are scattered and my lifespan is estimated,
    Witnessing the humans talking to me when isolated,
    I bring back a memory to life,
    And a grave to the loss of life.