• arkadeep_ark 10w

    First they tell to you to do studies as they want
    Then they to tell you get a job that they want
    Then they tell you to to earn money so that their standard remains high
    Then they tell you to live your ife as they want
    How?.. How on the earth can you simply sit idle through all of these
    Don't you feel frustrated
    Don't you feel suffocated
    Don't you feel disgusting
    Don't you feel like being controlled
    Doesn't that feeling of rebel come to your mind
    Doesn't it come to your mind to leave everything and just move out and live the life you want
    And your so called helplessness to turn up against the society is only because you are afraid
    You are afraid because it would cost you your relationship with your closed ones
    You are afraid because you are dependent on them
    You are afraid because you don't trust yourself
    All these motivational videos and quotes that you watch actually will not help you much they just take you top at the morning and brings you down till the evening... Real game starts when that thought of "I want to change" comes within you on it's own ...
    that day something magical happens

    You know..... what's gonna happen at certain point in future if it goes like this ....when you will lose it.... you would just come out of everything just at a snap of finger
    All your so called releationship and peer pressure would not bother you that time
    You will be at your most vulnerable mode
    That day you will start living your life
    And I really want certain people to free themselves from all of these

    So when the time comes don't be afraid just take that leap of faith.... It's very necessary to live that free life that you want to live