• piyuldwivedi 10w

    There's a wildfire raging
    Burning all my chest
    Lit from agony unending
    Just slightly to the left

    Grenades of fantasies
    Bombing my mind
    Overthinking the disease
    Not letting me unwind

    Gunpowder of griefs
    Deluging my passage
    The scent of relief
    Out of my coverage

    The trigger has triggered
    Word-ly balls of fire
    The smile is injured
    Chaos all my desire

    Diamonds two, gleaming
    Gulping in the view
    You will be licking
    Hurt me again, if you

    Shrieks now my playlist
    Firing chaos the tune
    Time bomb on my wrist
    Mis-ticking my fortune

    Amlug beneath my skin
    Roaring, shooting in pain
    Lamenting other's sin
    Driving me all insane

    Daggers all over me
    Still, I fake a smile
    For cries, if they see
    Will mistake me, FRAGILE


    Is this one weird?

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