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    Title-God hast an abode just for thee, the ones whom go let them leave/Everything is in God's will
    Word meanings-
    Dost- do
    Thou- you
    Thine- your
    Didst- did
    Thinkest- think
    Shouldst+ should
    Thee- you

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    Poems meaning is simple those even whom you love if they leave despite all the love you show them let them go never force anyone to stay of course obviously if you love someone you try having them stay though if they want move on ignore you so on that's their choice. Hold no hard feeling. Forgive them wrongs they do to you. Move forward in your own life instead of holding to a pipe dream that won't be or won't come back. It's all in God's will . God puts people in your life and takes them out of it for a reason. Sometimes to learn things about yourself or about him or others. Or for you to trust God more or change things in your own life. For many reasons really. If the person truly loves you they'll return if not well you found out their so called love never was. Though God heals all broken hearts as he is pure love. And you continue to love all if even don't have a significant romantic love because in life our duty to our fellow man simply is to love, forgive another. As gods love forgiveness. Simple message in this poem.

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    For those whom feel gloom
    when the ones thou dost adore
    dost leave thine life; don't forget
    everything is in "God's will" not
    thine own. Didst thou not ever
    thinkest those people whom
    left, were never meant to be
    a place of rest as a home.
    The ones whom leave, shouldst
    tell thee; for they for thee were
    never meant to be. So move
    forward and just let it be. All
    in God's timing; aye, all in God's

    © Brandon nagley
    © Lonesome poets poetry