• ritvik_tuteja 6w

    The Perfect "Perfect You"!

    Determined & audacious at heart
    Every phase of life has she played a part
    Raised in a family where her wish was a command
    To working hard for a reputation, has she calmed down
    Valuing principles & etiquette extensively
    To be refined was a custom of the family
    And she did marry an erudite gentleman
    That was the start - rise of a sensation

    With her consort by her side,
    She advanced professionally beyond every tide
    Experience revolutionized her personality too
    Making her capable of owning - The Perfect You
    A brand aspiring to coach, mentor & consult
    To transforming lives & personalities develop
    And then came her progeny, a girl of her personality.
    Yet a mirror image of her dear husband

    In all her participants & even as a parent
    She focuses on genuineness & being grateful
    Doing the little things right & positive
    She's achieved greatness, unique of a kind
    Humbly always directing towards results
    She's a lady simple yet with a worldly vision