• dini_ekta_singh_rajput 6w

    Eventually healed

    It was a vicious and ordinary game for you;
    And you convinced her that it's a beautiful bond for you.

    You made her believe in your lies;
    And she is so innocent that she blindly believed you because she had never been caught in such a vicious game before.

    You tried to break and weaken her in every way;
    But she became stronger than before.

    You tried to kill her dreams;
    But you forgot that she is a true believer, she believes in
    her dreams and knows how to fulfill them all.

    You tried to reduce her dignity and make her feel inferior;
    But you forgot that she is the ruler of her world and no one can enslave her, no one can rule her.

    You tried to dominate;
    And tried to make yourself feel empowered and superior.
    But you forgot that she believes in equality and is not ready to compromise with it at any cost.

    You thought that your prosperity, money and wealth will make her stay with you;
    But you forgot that she always prioritizes self-respect, dignity, faith and karma.

    She tried her best to correct you and convince you so that you could not make another girl your victim.
    But she failed because she forgot that the dirt is too deeply engraved in you.
    And eventually she made distance from you.