• eurusgrey 10w


    The guy with the smug face
    Is just a little kid in specs
    Thinks he is rude
    But is a really sweet dude
    Has a heart made of ice cream
    Which melts, when about Japan, he dreams
    He creates magic with his words
    For he's a vagabond soul; a bird
    He's a survivor, a fighter
    An eagle too, soaring higher and higher
    If you ever need some life changing advice
    Just head over to him; a fetus, yet so wise
    To sum it up, he's better than amazin'
    Cause after all, he's my twin (-■-■)

    It's weird how some bonds are created out of the blue and grow stronger each day. Ours was one such and I'm glad that we met, I really am.
    When I first came across your profile, I thought it was some anime loving girl who tagged people randomly, and I usually don't read tags from people I don't know but somehow I read yours and damn, I was mesmerised. I still get when I read you.
    It was a post where you were whining about being an adult when I came to know that you were a guy xD and I think it was the first one where you me and Sher (@shashagilbert_ )talked together. Little did I know, it was just the beginning. I love you both, so much.
    You are just the right amount of crazy a person needs to be. And the way you at honest and sensible at the same time, how?!

    I really don't know how to pen down my feelings without being sarcastic or sounding like a jerk, so just know that you're one precious gem in my box labelled as rare collections. *grins*

    And since it's your birthday, Grim Reaper,
    I declare you my "Zookeeper". (Happy?)

    You deserve all the good things in life, each and every single one. You are loved, beyond limits you can imagine.
    A very Happy 18th, Wallflower.



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