• pilotsync 5w

    Why do euphemisms exist?

    We all know why we use the subtle word to putforth a dark action.
    We all know how subtle word help us to see the culprit in the corporate world.
    We all know how our foe sit with us side by side and have dinner with us.
    We all know how we hold onto each other to make a common enemy.
    We all know how we kill each other in order to minimize the chaos.
    We all know how we support each other with sarcasm as though finding a absolute safe solution to target one another.
    We all know how we taunt others with subtle words to get the right output.
    We all know how we kiss the other rather than seizing the other.
    We all know why we pour whisky into our boss's cup rather than making him gulp the whole.
    We all know how to be apologetic when we are late to work.
    We all know how frustrating it would be when someone seize our honor.
    We all know how we dress up pretty in a party and socialize with unwelcomed guests.
    We all know how we swear and abuse by the rules and not by the personal morals.
    We all know why we want fantasy and not the real ball game.
    We all know why we sometimes behave as hypocrites.
    We all know why we change our facade every now and then.
    We all know why death is easy than living.
    We all know what life is.
    We all know how shitty the world is and how much shittier it can get.
    We all know how each one of us are struggling to pay for daily wages.
    We all know how love can be soothing and pain.
    We all know how achieving Nirvana doesn't make any difference.
    We all know how we escape only to get into another reality.
    We all know peace can be achieved and blurted when one desires to.
    We all know death is a choice.
    We all know we are instinctual human beings and have free will to kill or eat up the other.
    We all know what is there to know.
    We all know we have been fooled and living in a fool's paradise is the choice one has made at the cost of living in the insane world.
    We know it.
    We admit it.
    But we do not stop it.
    As stopping would make us real and the reality is harsh.
    We are fearful and grateful for euphemisms to exist.
    As it subliminally unites the whole.
    It makes us cherish by logically falsifying it.
    We breath by it.
    Scorn the irony of the others.