• _scas_ 5w

    ever since i saw you
    i knew you were too good to be mine.
    so i tried to kill my feelings
    to be friends with you, pretending to be fine.
    i knew girls like you
    do not fall for guys like me.
    for i was just a fish
    but you deserved the sea.
    on a lot of days
    i wanted to tell you how i felt.
    but the thought of losing you would strike
    and somehow, with my feelings i dealt.
    on a lot of nights
    i would dream about you and me being we.
    but i knew if i told you
    our friendship would be the paid fee.
    i am sorry for lying to you
    but i just wanted to be close.
    and then gradually you became
    the muse to my poetry and prose.
    i know i am not the one for you
    but i want to make sure you do not get hurt.
    for i can not stand
    you being treated like dirt.
    the guy you choose to love
    would be the luckiest in the world.
    for he will be the reason
    behind your lips this curled.
    i would make sure that
    you and him have the happily ever after.
    something that we could not have
    but i will try hide my pain in laughter.
    you were too good for me
    and i am sorry i can never show
    but i guess i love you enough
    enough, to let you go.


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