• queen_f_loyalty 5w

    Teesha Rawat

    A bond so special and a bond so true
    Sister love is so pure without clue
    A sister always stands for you
    A sister is always there for you
    You have been my source of life
    My willing to do things all the while
    My inspiration to achieve all I want
    My sister I think I am so blessed
    To have you as a part of my life
    You are there so I can strive
    Smile through tough times
    Stand again where I wish to in life
    Thank you for being a part of my life,
    I love you my lovely MARGIE

    Love You and Miss You
    Me and My Sister have best friends in this Mirakee app.

    Teesha Rawat @_feelthroughwords_ (MARGIE)
    Shalini Panwar @ersheen

    -Eternal Love And Friendship Forever And Ever.

    Saritha Choudhary @sarithachoudhary_
    Ramya Krishna @queen_f_loyalty (RAM'S)

    -The Heart Of Friendship.

    Teesha Rawat - My MARGIE
    Ramya Krishna - RAM'S

    -United With A Bond of Sisterhood.


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    Irreplaceable Sis

    Summer reminds me to happy times,
    Autumn brings in the sweet sound of wind chimes,
    Spring has a beautiful story to tell,
    Winter had the fluffy snow swell,
    Sister, we lived the seasons together,
    Now it is hard to stay away from each other.
    Love You MARGIE