• clarasage 23w

    Two Lives

    I know that now is how things were meant to be

    But why is it that way back then u still had me

    Things weren't working and in the end you split

    But why'd i have to be pulled into this pit

    Now its been years and im torn again every summer

    I try to make it stop but it makes me feel dumber

    These feelings inside always end up boiling over

    Everytime that I change my mind gets a makeover

    I cant handle two homes and two lives

    Everytime that I leave I get stomachs full of knives

    I must leave my friends and significant other

    Just so I can go be with my mother

    I dont know if they'll still be here when i get back

    Because from miles away I cant keep all these relationships on track

    If things weren't working out and you were falling apart

    Why did you still have me just to rip out my heart

    I know things work now and you're with who youre meant to

    But that doesnt mean I dont break everytime I have to leave you