• joan53 6w

    “Call of The Wild” by Jack London

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    Call all my muster to my calling
    Of the magnitude of my spirit
    The elephant in the room is me
    Wild with passion, fortitude,

    And patience

    The beast in me heeds the call
    To howl at the moon of
    Shadows, the stars in the
    Night sky call out the crazy wild

    The pull of destiny

    For if I were truly free
    I’d soar among the ethereal
    Atmospheric stardust
    As I soar through space and time
    Looking for that eternal home
    Where once I called home

    The call of the wild

    Beacon me from far away
    Yet near in every majestic tree
    And every flower I see
    The wind and storm reminds me
    Of what the ocean once told me

    Heed the call, heed the call

    As I knelt down upon my knees
    To the One who freed me