• quin_essy 5w

    Love : A hope for life

    A beautiful gift raveled in pain,
    gushing like a mild hurricane.
    The bleeding tears of a torn heart
    with immense sorrow and hurt,
    Sadness running through the veins,
    An outburst of despair that drains,
    Yet received joyfully by a sane mind.
    A mind driven by love, yet not blind.
    Overshadowed by deep emotions,
    Like a bloody,fire ranged eruption.
    Lightened up as a centre of attraction,
    drawing the soul to unending torment,
    An enchantment Intending to steal.
    But wait!!!
    I can see this love enormously holding itself up, getting stronger, mending the torn heart, slowly sucking up the intense bleeding, giving out a hope for life.
    A new life furnished and recreated for brighter times.