• kunalpohane 22w

    I want to ...

    __every morning i want to wake up right beside you , holding you completely in my arms , i want to feel the heat of your breath , i want to elast your cheeks with my hand , playing " nose fight " , i want to bite your nose gently with my teeths, i want to tickle your stomach , i want to tug your hairs , want to completely sink into them , i want to blow hot air in your ears , i want to close your eyes with my thumbs & want to kiss your forehead a while long , Grasping your waist i want to pull you towards me __ moving downwards ! kissing your nosetip , i want to kiss your lips gently and keep kissing them again n again , ___kissing your neck i want to feel your warmth & every inch of your skin ! And then Sweetheart , holding you back into my arms , cuddling you ! i want to sleep again , a day long ..