• dianamarie 45w

    2nd chance gone

    Second chance gone leaves room for the third.
    Within such a strong mind had that never occured?
    Here, let me paint this picture a little clearer for you.
    See, if it's failure that makes a coward that means ur a coward too.
    Cuz as I sat there once more slumped down on that floor
    I saw where you carved your initials.
    Seems you been here before.
    And remember the top of that hill u said I never would see?
    Turns out, that hill was a mountain.
    And that mountain was conquered by me.
    I stepped down off that mountain as night broke into dawn.
    In these same worn out shoes.
    The ones you've never tried on.
    Because to learn to walk u first have to crawl and before u can stand you have to know you will fall.