• rochand 5w


    Through the window,I just peep
    I see a plant, that not so stiff
    Then I look with my eyes so deep
    I saw a cocoon on its tip

    It is a warm sunny morn
    And furious wind blowing from all,
    Anytime he may reborn,
    He is just a tiny small.

    He is oval and colour in green
    Attached to the plant with a small string
    Any ways he could be hardly seen
    After a while,he will flutter his wing

    To every worst condition
    He had stay ready and claim
    Then, I have a cognition
    Why we must not be just like him?

    Through your life , you must be claim
    To every situation, you face
    To be ready just like him
    Accepting everything with all your grace

    It could make you patient& strong
    To be truth and know what is wrong
    May be you could achieve many things
    And someday open your bright wings