• manju_lata_05 6w

    Sweet Facebook mistake (part 4)

    An interview ?

    It was a warm sunny morning,
    Of April.
    I had just got rid of my ICSE boards.
    As soon as I woke up,
    Scenes were such:
    Mom cleaning the house randomly,
    Big bro getting the chairs ready,
    My uncles discussing about,
    Who would take care of what,
    When they arrived.
    Oh God ! It was all such a mess.
    My thoughts were disturbed by mom shouting,
    "Get ready soon dear, it's already eiiiiiggghhhttt." When it was only 7:30 AM.
    " You take too much time to make yourself up."
    I was ready by 8:45 AM.
    They were to arrive by 10 AM,
    All the family members and relatives,
    Reached one by one .
    And started teaching me:
    How to behave,
    How to speak,
    How to greet,
    How to smile,
    How to walk etc...
    Oh hell ! Was I going for an interview ?
    Oh no! Interviews were better.
    I started dozzing.
    Thanks ! To my aunt's baby,
    Who kept me awake.
    And finally instead of 10,
    They stepped in by 11 AM.

    To be continued.....stay tuned.....