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    सब हाल पूछ कर चले जाते हैं उसका
    तुम आकर उसकी तन्हाइयों में खलल तो डालो
    क्या पता, उसे दोबारा तुमसे इश्क़ हो जाये।।

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    Afraid of Love or Betrayal..??

    (Craving to experience the same affection
    Her eyes, flicker down
    Giving his stare, the same reaction
    Her cheeks blush on his teneous touch
    She hugs him to say...Oh I love you so much)

    Immense love to give
    But how does she forgive
    The past,
    The past that murdered her soul
    That compelled her to walk on blazing coal

    The poison of deception that still runs through her veins
    That the world's unaware 'bout, but it still pains

    A better future does await
    But how does she trust her fate

    Every thing seems so fake
    The love that they shared was a mirage
    Or a pretty dream from which she awake
    Those echoing frequencies of his voice
    Still howl into her ear keeping her awake

    A lost world that holds her heart
    And she and peace, miles apart

    Desires for someone to hold her hand
    For she can't hold herself anymore
    He crosses his fingers with hers, such
    That her body doesn't sore

    Someone who heals her scars
    Someone who takes her far

    But she's afraid
    A fear that strikes her every night
    A fear that's her biggest plight
    What, again if he plays the game of love and lust
    Again if he brutally breaks her worthy trust

    She says, she's afraid of love
    Unaware, it's the betrayal that frights
    Wretched she, doesn't have the courage to fall
    Cause yeah, that epitome still bursts at nights