• lijtisya 10w

    Rubie in the Rubbish.

    The days are tough,
    Nights are long, the day is a nightmare!
    Words spitted are venom,
    Glances given break my heart!
    The ungrateful one!
    The killer!
    The home-breaker!
    Are my new names!

    They have accused me,
    On that fateful night, when the doors of hell opened!
    The night I lost all!
    The night when I saw the worst!
    I know i am innocent,
    But the rubbish is alot!
    Who shall burn it?
    Who shall discover the RUBIE?

    29/10/2000, my heart breaks!
    Everything seems in place,
    The night is silent, calmness feels the air!
    I approach the main door, joy feels my heart!
    Happy to rejoin with the family for another night!
    I am wrong! The door is open, very unusual!
    The closer I move, the denser the air becomes!
    I had lost them! Yes my family laid in pools of blood!
    It was a man-slaugher!
    Dumb-struck I froze! I was broken, my world shut dow!
    For help I called! But my next killer appeared!

    To court I was taken, with man-slaugher I was judged!
    For my innocence I pleaded, my neighbors gave evidence!
    Evidence I had killed!
    20 years was my sentence,
    A new home I got!

    Faithfully I have served!
    Freedom i have been granted!
    Yes! freedom from the iron gates
    But in their hearts am in chains!
    A murderer I remain!
    The ungrateful one!
    The killer!
    Is all they see!
    Who shall know my innocence?
    Who shall overlook the rubbish?
    Who shall burn the rubbish?
    And discover the Rubie?
    Who shall believe? Believe I was a loving father?
    Who shall?
    Shall all be lost?

    Am innocent!