• beelesley 6w

    Kissing my soul

    Deep into the blues of the ocean lay stories unsaid,
    A long way back fallen and shattered.
    If I could dive in deep and bring back a few,
    Would it be only pearls and dynasties she overthrew!?
    How much could the wide bosom of oceans hide!?
    Much of its treasures and a whole world's pride!
    I belong to the land and yet the waves invite me into her blues,
    As I stand glued at the her marvelous hues.
    I lose control as she lures me again,
    Kissing my soul and taking away my pain.
    A song she sings as the moon pulls her aside,
    And the sun melts in their love.
    The birds return home,
    And as the whole world observe in silence!
    The nature writes it's love story,
    Dissolving into her blues.