• outpouringsofthemind 23w

    I wrote this for my best friend on the internet, thankfully we live close enough to meet sometimes, I'm very grateful and hope to meet another internet friend that lives further away in the future.
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    Distance •

    an intertwining of souls,
    a friendship bright and bold
    so much to see and do,
    though time is our barrier

    we have aged knowing of each other,
    we have lived through storms,
    we have faced things separately,
    though nothing can separate us
    or sever our bond

    for we are bound in spirit and we care,
    regardless of if we are physically there

    if we can remain as we always are
    whether it's months or years we've been apart,
    it's clear our friendship will not end,
    although i'm not quite 'round the

    this is a fact that i hold dear
    and i'm grateful for when you are near

    i was just one click away
    from making things a tad less grey,
    for you when happiness would stray
    and so i write these words today

    we may not always see each other
    our worlds may have some differences,
    though one thing that will never change
    are the memories we share

    our paths may take us anywhere
    but i know for certain
    that part of you will always be around
    and no matter what i will shine brighter
    knowing that you're safe and sound