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    Chapter 15: The Divine Falls.

    GLORY'S P.O.V.:

    In last chapter:

    "Why'd you call, you ass?" He says angrily.

    "Oh , I almost forgot, I need your help, we found some clues regarding the murders." He says and goosebumps break out on my body hearing that.

    "On our way," we both say in unison.

    In this chapter:

    AROLD'S P.O.V.:

    We reach the palace where my brother is waiting for us. I lead Glory to my office which is quite similar to hers, mostly black and a hist of red. We enter to see Maurice with a few papers in his hands. He turns to us and motions us to sit. We take a seat on the leather couches in my office and he sits across us.

    "Our people found the traces of someone's presence on most of the murder spots. The traces could probably be of someone's energy. If the stars are in our favor then we might catch the murderer soon enough." He says getting to point.

    "What color was it?" Glory asks and I look at her in confusion.

    "I thought energies could only be felt. They have colours?" I mutter.

    "You can't see the colours of energies. That's news. Well, every form of energy has a specific colour too. Like the energy that surrounds and comes from vampires is bright red in colour. Most magic users have a purple energy and if we talk about Fae and fairies....... They are different according to their type."

    "DAMN!" We both say together and Glory grins.

    "Can you see them?" Maurice enquires.

    "Yea, I can. It helps in protecting myself. The amount of energy you can see and feel is different because some people like to create an illusion. So it is a lot of help if I can see through an illusion. Anyways, did you find a colour or did it feel dissimilar in some way?" She questions.

    "Yes, they say it is unusual for an energy form like this to exist now because some alike was seen about a millennial ago. I don't understand what that means........ Then there is this symbol which is seen for a brief moment before it disappears." He says handing her the sketch. There is a snake that surrounds something that looks like a sword and there is also a vine that's wrapped around the diamond.

    "Wow..... This really is real then." Glory says with a huff of breath.

    "What do you mean?"

    "I thought it was just a legend that someone who controls the snakes in the water and is able to control water by turning it into snakes, exists. I thought people just wanted to protect the Divine Falls which is why the story has been going around for thousand year. It was real after all." She explains.

    "You mean to say that someone who is a man fan of snakes is going around killing people in our kingdoms just for fun!? For fucks sake say something that we will understand!" He exclaims.

    "He used to be the protector of the Divine Falls, a place where if you pay enough price you get whatever you wish for. But as simple as it sounds, the place was or maybe is really dangerous. If the magic went wrong then the price could even be your life or more". She says making me think about more and more.

    "What could be more than taking away someone's life?" He mumbles.

    "The only thing scarier than death is life, kiddo. The reason why some people are kept alive is to punish them while they beg for death to come," I say and Glory smirks making me frown.

    "Looks like you're gonna ask for a certain someone's love from the Divine Falls," she says smirking turning Maurice red. Damn! I never knew my brother blushed and that makes us bursts out laughing. That explains the smirk very well.

    "Can we just focus on the bloody snakeman, please?" He says as our laughter dies down.

    "Oh yeah...... His name is-"

    "Tora Igarashi" a voice sounds from the doorway.

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