• ano_kiba 41w

    Coalescence of Bodies

    There was a time when a peck on my lips was enough to call it a day. But like the heroin you are to me, it seems too inadequate to settle my lustful desires just on pecks and hugs. As this thirst in me grows wilder and stronger, I find myself aching for more of you.
    My skin has found a brand new leisure of yearning for your tongue.
    This sluggish heart wishes for your finger to invade my dark territories and stir my buried dreams.
    With every passing heartbeat, my scarred soul aches to watch you bruise the flesh of my neck and the whole valley down. Your groans and moans have become my favourite sound, and the palming of your luring erection, my new found pleasure. You're the sun to this dark world and your presence alone wets the withered land beneath .
    Only you can fill this empty space of broken hopes and faded truth. Come, breathe inside me; and move along the rhythm​ of my raging dance.
    Let our melancholic souls find bliss in the coalescence of our blazing bodies.