• herbaltea 5w

    You've been strong for too long

    Baby won't you wipe those tears,
    I don't ever wanna see you cry
    You're thinking bout your worst nightmares
    But I'm here, making sure you're alright
    Seeing you breaking down
    What can I do
    When you're crying out in your sleep
    Can I lay next you
    I just wanna protect you
    Cuz I know what you've been through
    I just wanna hold you
    And be someone you can turn to
    So let me pull you close
    And be your shoulder
    When you have your lows
    I'll pull you closer
    Life is a real long road,
    But you never have to walk it alone
    I wish you could open up to me and
    Give more to what you've shown
    When your ready
    I'm in the same place I've always been
    Its only a matter of when
    Don't fight against me
    I know you're under a lot of pressure
    Let me make it better
    You've been strong for too long