• zimba00 9w

    Had a ping in my whatsapp it' was ammu.
    Yeeaaaaaahhhh. Excited right. Even I was excited that something good would happen today . .

    I opened it ammu said , she had some problem with somebody said something about us.
    I soon or later didn't delay to apologise for that. And make sure doesn't happen to ammu again.

    Conversation went on.
    To the same things. That I didn't expect . Ammu was repeatedly saying that I have hurted her.
    No other option I agreed yes ammu yes I did , yes ammu I did and am really sorry , I did ammu I'm sorry .
    Whenever I had question I tried telling her how much I miss her and everything .though couldn't open up fully .

    I agreed to whatever mistakes on me because somewhere I felt , I'll agree if something good happen lets see .

    I told ammu some wise things , even though I'm not a very wise person but what experience I have been through I know.
    So I said some of the things . Everything ended up telling yes ammu I really miss you . It's like a open door when you want to leave you can , when you want to come you can.

    I was blamed you did it , you hurted me .. I was like yes ammu I did yes I did I'm sorry .. see simply we shouldn't go on arguing . If ammu is feeling better when I accept my false it's fine whether I have or haven't if she feels I'm wrong I accept ammu I'm wrong that's it.

    Then ammu send two instagram videos.
    One was about deserving better person ..
    I said see ammu I know what you are to me , clearly and I always wanted a lifetime . Never did I say love you simply on a timely thing . I know how special you are to me. I never expected more or less from you whatever you were I was enjoying living a life with you .. if you feel you deserve better pls ammu pls go on I'm not gonna stop . You know you want or you deserve better go on ammu . Don't be with me , you have only intent that I'll hurt you pls don't be with me .. you know you deserve better go for it .

    I still say today .. there is no threshold or something like that. If you really want someone in your life you will make no matter what efforts it takes . If the person that is implying does the same that is where succesfull friendship relationship or whatever is created . Simple as that.

    I'll tell you my thing .
    I really loved the days I spent with ammu , I felt eternally happy all the time. I was making her smile she was making me inturn. I literally built that trust telling this is gonna be a lifetime thing no matter what this is not gonna break. No matter who seeds in or who comes in between.i have that trust in ammu and it is even today. If everything is fine it would take a second to tell her everything I wanted to.
    When it comes to hurting or anything . One simple thing I follow is. If I know yes ammu has hurted me , I say to myself it's ammu not somebody else . If she doesn't then who else .. is sadness more important or ammu .. obviously ammu .
    Done !! I just have one thing I wanna make her happy be with her support her that's it. This is how it is.

    When we point out - you have hurted me , you did this , you did that. There are two things .either they don't want us they just wanna remember us by our mistakes. One more is they just wanna make realise what our mistake is and make sure we don't commit it .
    Ammu should know what she was upto.

    I have said , done , sent everything I could.
    Even accepted what's not me. Just to sort everything out and be happy.
    It's left to ammu. . whatever she says are golden words for me.